One dashboard for all your learning apps

The Zzish Dashboard allows teachers to track student progress in real time.

Benefits for Developers

  • Add a key feature needed to get your app used by teachers
  • Provide a best in class experience for your teachers
  • Get your app discovered by more schools

The first thing a teacher asks when they discover a new app is "Does it have a teacher dashboard?" Integrating with Zzish lets you answer "Yes" and significantly increase uptake. And when you add a Zzish teacher dashboard we showcase your app helping you get discovered by more schools too.

Benefits for Teachers

  • Use one dashboard for all your learning apps
  • Deliver real-time personalised teaching in the classroom
  • Get helpful insight and analysis for you and your students

Most apps don't have a dashboard and when they do you have to a log into a different dashboard for every app. Zzish lets you log in once to get a simple and powerful dashboard for all your learning apps. And our dashboard has unique state-of-the-art features too, such as real-time student feedback so you give personalised help to students in the classroom.

Universal dashboard

Real time feedback

Live leaderboard

Whether you want to use web-apps, iPad apps, Android apps, or a mixture, you can now have one dashboard that shows your students’ progress across all apps and platforms. Try it now with Quizalize.
Our live dashboard lets you see how students are progressing in any one app in real time, automatically highlighting struggling students so you can intervene there and then.
The live dashboard has rich features, including a leaderboard view, which can be displayed on a whiteboard to turn any activity into a fun, multiplayer classroom game.

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