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Accelerate learning

Radically accelerate learning with data-driven technology

Accelerating learning in partnership

The Zzish Toolkit helps partners leverage our state-of-the-art technology to accelerate learning everywhere.
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Oxford Revise

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Self-directed study for learners

Oxford Revise helps students master the curriculum all year round with self-directed home learning.

Launched in partnership with Oxford University Press and built on Quizalize Learner.

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The science
Combining gamification and spaced repetition, Oxford Revise keeps students motivated whilst helping them push new learning into long term memory.


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The world's best quiz platform for teachers
Quizalize helps teachers engage their class with fun, standards-tagged quizzes, get instant data on each learner's mastery and automatically assign personalised follow-up activities based on quiz results.

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Whole class quiz games in the classroom keep learners engaged, whilst mastery data and differentiated follow-up resources help teachers personalise learning.

Zzish Insights

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Daily data on class progress for leaders
Giving leaders daily insight into the progress of every class, Zzish Insights lets leaders take early action to support teachers and keep classes on track.

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The science
Our big data engine aggregates learner data from across an organisation every day to give leaders daily insight into the progress of every class.
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Customers love us

Our products are loved by all stakeholders, from learners through to leaders.

“Because of the real time data, It helps teachers to easily understand our students' performance and deliver help whenever needed”

Richard Alboro
Elementary educator

“The application is really useful, the different resources can fit different peoples learning techniques and it's a great way to organise revision!”

A student
Secondary school

“Zzish is a valuable classroom digital teaching tool. For teachers, it provides real time feedback on pupils' progress. Teachers can easily identify learning gaps so remedial action can be taken instantly. For pupils, they love the game view feature of Zzish, so pupils' interaction has increased.”

Anna Lyn Aldueza
Elementary educator

“You've breathed new life into my teaching career... every single student that I have has benefited. I get to give them that differentiation that they need.”

Carolina Carter
Secondary school educator

“It fits with the way I prefer to revise as it helps with the little and often approach of revision. It helps you focus on what you have studied and its layout is very clear. This is helpful as there is a wide variety of content you need to know at GCSE.”

A student
Secondary school

“Zzish is an excellent web-based application which helps our educators and students in making the teaching and learning more interesting and enjoyable.”

Jose Dasig
Division ICT Supervisor

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