One dashboard to oversee your students data in all their apps.

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Zzish is a committed leader in learning technology. We passionately believe the best way to make really great products for real classrooms is to work with, and listen to, real teachers and pupils. To be at the forefront of learning technology become a Zzish Hub School.

Benefits of being a Zzish Hub School are:

  • You will have access to the latest educational tools
  • We will provide you with opportunities to collaborate with educational app developers
  • Students will receive Zzish Hub School certificates for progress achieved

If you are interested, please email Vini Bance -

Zzish Learning Hub

The Zzish Learning Hub makes it easy for creators (developers) of learning apps to give you a simple and effective classroom dashboard that works across all your apps. Any app developer can add a Zzish dashboard to their app in just two hours.

Most of the 100,000 mobile education apps have no teacher dashboard and, annoyingly, those that do have dashboards each have their own, meaning you have to log into a different dashboard for every app. We fix that. For the first time, you can use one dashboard (incorporating a Live Dashboard and Progress Dashboard) that is consistent across all your apps.

Live Dashboard

The live dashboard lets you see in real-time how students in your class are progressing and lets you immediately identify students who are having difficulties (through intuitive colour-banding) so you can give them the help that they need. You can even show the dashboard on the electronic whiteboard giving all students in the class a fun and engaging way to see how they are progressing. You can test out the live dashboard using the quiz web app, Quizalize.

Progress Dashboard

The progress dashboard gives you a historical overview of what students have achieved in each app and lets you easily identify those students that have not mastered specific subject areas. Give the dashboard a go with Quizalize or another app from our early adopters. If there is an app for which you would like to have a Zzish dashboard, let us know and we’ll get in touch with them!

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