Monetize your textbooks by digitizing your content

Digitize your learning content in your own gamified app and give customers insight into their own learning progress

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Our white-label approach means we can launch a new fully-branded learning application with your own content in just four weeks — or less.
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We do all the heavy lifting with our full-service offering, making it as easy as possible for you to launch your new product.
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We've invested millions into our technology - so you don't have to.

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We are world leaders in building and deploying engaging, gamified learning experiences that are enjoyed by learners of all ages.
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Our solutions are built on the latest technology, ensuring responsive and lightning-quick user interfaces and analytics.
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We continually innovate and improve our technology. You get all this innovation at no extra cost.

The Zzish way

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The old way
The traditional way to build a learning application is to outsource development to an agency. Agencies demand high upfront costs, and initial budgets can escalate quickly with rework and feature extensions. Agencies take many months to build and launch a new application from scratch, and over time your application can become dated and obsolete.
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The Zzish way
We take our own world-leading products for learners, teachers and leaders and let you launch new versions of them under your own brand. Add your own content and customize the user experience to produce a completely unique learning application. You can launch your new learning applications faster, more easily and at a lower cost than ever before.
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World-leading products
Quizalize has been used by more than 4 million students in 170 countries. Our products are current, modern and innovative. We never stop developing and improving them, meaning you and your learning application benefit from ongoing improvements, automatically, at no extra cost.

Education publishers

Upsell digital content and create brand new revenue streams.

Enhance your print textbooks with digital solutions for students and teachers.

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Help students reinforce their learning with your own version of our My Quizalize experience.

Gamification and spaced repetition features help students master and retain new subject matter.

Icon For teachers

Allow teachers to access your content, benefiting from our class-based quiz games and student progress tracking.

Add Quizalize Insights for school leaders and give curriculum directors and department heads unparalleled insight into class and school progress.

Case study: Oxford Revise

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Oxford University Press wanted a modern student app to complement their new Oxford Revise GCSE textbooks. My Quizalize was the perfect fit to bring this brief to life.

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Our design team worked on the rebranding whilst our content team digitized questions from the textbooks to produce seven courses, each containing 20 units.

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Oxford University Press now has a world-class student revision app for independent student learning. OUP can promote their app via their textbooks and also sell directly to schools as a solution to support home learning.

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Matt Jordan, Partnerships Director at Zzish

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Find answers to frequently asked questions below.

Our goal is to make our technology as affordable as possible to all publishers, big and small, so that we can deliver on our mission to ensure that every learner around the world has access to the best resources and applications to fulfill their learning potential.

We normally work on a revenue share basis subject to an annual minimum guarantee (the guarantee depends on the level of setup and product customisation required).

However, we're happy to discuss the pricing model that works best for you (including per learner, per teacher and per organization license fees).

We can customize the products to meet your exact needs, just let us know. Our standard customizations include:

  • All products
    • Hosting on your preferred domain
    • Branding including your logo and colour scheme
  • My Quizalize
    • Quiz, pdf, web and video content available
    • Courses available
    • Pricing to learners
    • Whether or not some content can be accessed for free
  • Quizalize Classroom
    • Quiz, pdf, web and video content available
    • Curricula available
    • Pricing to schools and teachers
    • Whether or not some content can be accessed for free
    • Whether or not teachers can create and share their own content
  • Quizalize Insights
    • Curricula available
    • Pricing to schools

The greatest influence on the amount of time it takes to build a My Quizalize experience is your content. Our whitelabel approach means we can launch a new fully-branded learning application, with your content, in just four weeks — or less! We can shorten this timeline if your content is already digitized and if you have established visual assets and brand guidelines that we can use to create a consistent brand experience for the end users.

We can create independent but structured learning experiences in My Quizalize from any combination of video, PDF, web, and assessment content. And with the flexible quiz player from our original Quizalize assessment engine, you can leverage over a dozen question types to test users' recall across all of your assessments.

My Quizalize leverages the latest industry-standard protection technology to protect your content and your users through every step of their learning experience. From the physical and operational security of our servers to the encryption protocols for data both in transit and at rest, we shoulder the burden of information security and data privacy so you have one less thing to worry about.

In order to access your content, users will need to register for an account within your application and then also unlock one or more courses within the application. Links to your original assets are never revealed to the end user and are never findable through search engines. If your organization requires certain standards or protocols, get in touch to speak with a member of the team.

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