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A $10b+ global addressable market

The global annual revenue opportunity for our products from the K12 sector alone is worth $10b+ a year. Our goal is to reach $100m revenue and a $1b valuation within 5 years.

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Unique and scalable product

Our products have unique features that deliver real benefits. We focus on building deep, scalable technology that can be used anywhere in the world and across multiple sectors.

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Real impact

Our products really do accelerate learning. Round Rock ISD found that our products increased students end of year test scores by 8-10% across all ability levels and Mooresville GSD found that our products reduced the Attainment Gap from 33.4% to 25.4%.

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Growing global traction

Daily teacher sign ups increased 6x to 755 a day in the tewlve months to December 2020 as more and more teachers discovered our products. 34% of these teachers were in the US.

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Proven product/market fit

We've sold our products to hundreds of teachers and schools in seven different countries, with more than 50% of our sales in the US market.

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Diversified revenue model

We have four growing revenue streams; student and teacher direct, school and district, government and partnerships.

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Ambitious and mission driven team

Our co-founders are superstars, but the whole team rocks; Charles was Google's first Product Manager hired outside the USA. He has a PhD in AI from Oxford University and an MBA from London Business School. Daisy drove sales and account management at two super successful tech startups, Reward Gateway and Eventbrite.

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Trusted by premium brands

Oxford Univsersity Press is one of the world's top 10 education publishers with more than $1b in global revenue. They chose to partner with us to deliver their next generation student applications. Other partners include the Scouts, CoJDS and Google.

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The market opportunity

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Thank you to our existing investor community

We are very proud of and grateful to our incredible investor community who have continued to support our growth through our rounds.

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