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to ensure that every learner has access to the best resources and applications to fulfill their learning potential

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We're proud of our mission and have a passionate team of teachers, engineers, marketeers and salespeople dedicated to delivering on it.
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Delivering on our mission

The right resource for the right learner at the right time
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The Problem

A typical secondary school teacher teaches 250 or more different students every week. How do they find the time to stay on top each student's current state of learning? And even if they could, how do they find the time to work out the best learning resource or appliction to help each student progress fastest? Given there are literally millions of learning resources and applications out there, it's an impossible task.

The result, teachers don't have enough time to give the level of personalised help necessary to help each student fulfill their learning potential. Able students get bored, less able students fall behind and teachers get frustrated that they can't have the impact on students that they so passionately want to deliver.

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Our Solution

Quialize Learner is our gamified experience for independent learning. It organises activities into courses for learners to follow independently and uses the science of spaced repetition to help learners push new knowledge into long term memory. Teachers can effortlessly track learner progress against the curriculum in Quizalize Teacher and provide targetted help to each learner as and when they need it.

Quialize Teacher is our fun, whole class quiz game that lets teachers quickly get data in the classroom on each learner's current understanding of each learning objective in a curriculum. Teachers can use this mastery data instantly to group learners with similar learning gaps for more personalised teaching. Teachers can also assign different follow-up resources to different learners, automatically, depending on their quiz results. This ensures that each learner gets the best learning resource to help them progress fastest.

Zzish Insights is the world's only product that gives leaders daily insight into the progres of every class, by aggregating mastery data from thousands of quizzes taken by students in a school, district or region, every day. This allows leaders to take early targeted action to support struggling classes with new teacher training or improved resources.

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Data-driven learning

We are building a unique and powerful dataset by measuring how effective different learning resources (pdfs, web pages, videos and applications) are at helping different students master thousands of different learning objectives across the world. Our ultimate goal is to use machine learning to recommend exactly the right resource for the right learner at the right time.

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Hi! Hi! I'm Matt Jordan, Partnerships Director at Zzish. I can't wait to discuss how we can help you evaluate your business through the adoption of our fun core quiz engine and serious data platform.

You can view my calendar here and book a time for a chat with me. I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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