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Increase student attainment levels — Digitize and monetize educational content — Facilitate effective training of employees — Deep-dive into smart data analytics on every learner

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Zzish Solutions

Three powerful products
Use each tool individually or as part of an integrated suite.

My Quizalize

Monetize your textbooks by digitizing your content, presented through your own fully branded learning application.

IconKey features
  • Gamification to motivate and engage learners.
  • Spaced repetition learning systems push knowledge into long-term memory.
  • Track real-time student progress through rich data insights.

Quizalize Classroom

Help educators engage their learners with fun, curriculum-tagged quizzes and obtain instant data on student progress.
IconKey features
  • Gamified class-based quizzes to engage and excite learners.
  • Personalize learning by assigning differentiated follow-up resources.
  • Track rich student data through a curriculum or syllabus.

Quizalize Insights

Enable leaders and administrators to make money-saving and productivity-increasing decisions across their organization.
IconKey features
  • Everyone from school leaders to corporate bosses can use Quizalize Insights to see a detailed view of learner progress throughout your entire learning ecosystem.
  • Our big-data engine aggregates learner data across an organization or district, presenting micro and macro view data insights.

My Quizalize

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Self-directed study for learners.

My Quizalize allows publishers to quickly deploy their own learning app on web, android and iOS.

My Quizalize is our fully branded - with the option to whitelabel - solution for self-paced, independent learning. It combines a modern gamified user experience using our powerful quiz engine with data science, helping students learn, and retain, knowledge.

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My Quizalize in practice:

Oxford University Press wanted a modern student app to complement their new Oxford Revise GCSE textbooks. OUP asked - My Quizalize delivered.

The Oxford Revise app helps students revise and master their curriculum all year round with self-directed home learning. Combining gamification and spaced repetition, the app keeps students motivated whilst helping them push new learning into long term memory.


Quizalize Classroom

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An award-winning quiz platform for educators.

Quizalize helps teachers and educators engage their classes with fun, standards-tagged quizzes and their own, personally developed resources. Educators get instant data on each learner's progress and are able to automatically assign personalized follow-up activities based on quiz results.

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Quizalize Classroom in practice:

Teachers, schools and entire districts use Quizalize to help their students' and adult learners' progression and mastery of knowledge.

Organizations and department leaders benefit from easy, ongoing training and testing of their learners, ensuring a well trained workforce and an increased retention of staff.

Quizalize Insights

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Daily data on class progress for leaders.

Leaders want, and need, insight into the progress of every learner. Quizalize Insights does this — and more — offering daily deep-dives into the progress of every class and organization.

Quizalize Insights enables leaders to take early action to support educators and keep learning on track.

Quizalize Insights works perfectly alongside My Quizalize and Quizalize Classroom, complementing their core quiz functionality and offering deep insights into learner's results.

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Quizalize Insights in practice:

Our big data engine aggregates learner data from across an organisation every day to give leaders daily insight into the progress of every class.

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