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“Before Quizalize, our average first time pass mark was 70%. Now it’s approaching 95%. I cannot recommend Quizalize enough.”

Quizalize improves the scores and confidence of adult learners pursuing vocational qualifications at The College, Bournemouth and Poole.

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    The College
    Bournemouth and Poole
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    England, United Kingdom
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    Higher Education

Quizalize boosts first time pass rates to 95% at Bournemouth and Poole College

Faced with time-consuming, paper-based testing, Ricky Fleet was always keen to find a great digital alternative. One that would enable him to quickly identify where his students were struggling and offer immediate support.

He tried many products over the years, but only one really stood out. “Over 5 years, Quizalize has been the only strategy that has been universally accepted and welcomed by the students.”

Unlike many tools designed for the classroom, Ricky finds the ability for students to complete quizzes individually and keep results private are key to success. “There is no embarrassment or stigma attached from a poor score as the teacher can hide it and take the group as a whole to identify revision needs.”

As well as improving engagement in the classroom, Ricky has found that using Quizalize has saved him hours of admin time, enabling him to more efficiently support his students individually. “Quizalize has had a fantastic impact on my students’ achievement and freed me up to use my time in a more effective manner.”

Boosting student confidence

Ricky knows first hand the difficulties of teaching a vocational course, where students are required to learn a wide breadth of knowledge. However, with Quizalize he is able to break down each topic and set a variety of sample exam questions. Plus, he’s found it extremely useful tweaking the quizzes as new knowledge is added or course content is removed so he can support his students more effectively.

“The ease of use works well with their different learning styles and if they don’t feel confident enough to do them in class, they can do them in the comfort of their own home.”

Ricky has seen a rise in students' self-confidence as the ease of use supports different learning styles. The ability for students to complete assessments at their own pace and retake questions provides a valuable tool for self-assessment.

Getting students invested in their progress

With the abundance of smartphones and digital tablets, Ricky finds that Quizalize is a great way to embrace the technological aptitude of his students.

Using the devices they love, his students are able to track their own progress across every topic they need to master. Each student can see their weak spots, so they know exactly what to focus on before the final exams.

“With the advance of digital learning styles, this system leads the way as a tool for formative and summative assessment. Before Quizalize, our average first time pass mark was 70%. Now it’s approaching 95%. I cannot recommend Quizalize enough.”

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