“The platforms are great help to re-implement the use of Item Analysis in a very convenient way, especially for teachers.”

Quizalize and Zzish Insights give real-time data to teachers and administrators at Bataan Division School in the Philippines.

  • School
    Cabcaben Elementary School
  • Location
    Bataan Division, Philippines
  • Industry
    Primary School

Schools and teachers in emerging markets reaping the benefits of Quizalize in the classroom

As the Philippines marches forward through its information and communication technology evolution, Quizalize stands out as a powerful, lightweight resource teachers can start using on day one, across any subject. The technology works alongside the devices and tools already in place without requiring additional investment in equipment or infrastructure.

Since early 2017, teachers at Cabcaben Elementary School have been using Quizalize in their repertoire of instructional tools. As part of the pilot, teachers from the elementary school demonstrated the platform at the regional-level mathematics evaluation. Mrs. Fernalyn Magpoc showcased the real-time activity data and the depth and breadth of question-level analysis as part of her innovative and technology-enriched lesson plans.

High praise from supervisors and directors

Representatives from the district, division, and the larger region all noticed the platform’s value and convenience. Mr. Edgardo Basa, the Bataan Division Information Technology Officer, observed, “The platforms are great help to re-implement the use of item analysis in a very convenient way especially for teachers,” as he praised the visual representation of student performance down to the assignment and question level.

When briefed on the results of the pilot, the assistant regional director, Dr. Nicolas Capulong, stated, “"I believe the program could facilitate the monitoring and evaluation of students which results could improve academic performance of students." The regional supervisor for the quality assurance department echoed the sentiment and recommended expanding the use of Quizalize into other subjects and across more divisions.

Based on its innovation in technology-enhanced mathematics instruction, the Bataan Division nominated the Cabcaben Elementary School to compete in the Region III regional mathematics competition in the category of best school mathematics implementor. This was the first time the division recognized teachers from this school with this honour, which raises the profile of the school and the teachers to the national stage.

Successful schools use Quizalize

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