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“It is really useful to have the quizzes alongside your studies to keep up the knowledge. It provides a fun, engaging way to revise!”

Quizalize Learner introduces an entirely new learning experience to the Oxford University Press

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The second oldest university press greets the future with a bespoke learning experience from the makers of Quizalize

As a mainstay of the academic and publishing community for over four centuries, Oxford University Press (OUP) is no stranger to innovation. Constantly evolving to meet the needs of each successive generation of students, OUP commissioned the Oxford Revision Project with the mission to find the secret to revision success.

Leveraging research and pedagogy from the world’s leading cognitive scientists, Oxford Revise seeks to help students master the knowledge and skills necessary for GCSE success. The publications iterate on the three step knowledge-retrieval-practice approach to prepare students for exams in mathematics and the physical sciences.

Digital transformation with Quizalize

To meet the needs of twenty-first century learners, OUP needed a digital transformation. The challenge? Replicating the pedagogical science embedded within the Oxford Revise publications and delivering digital, mobile, and bite-sized revision material to students on their terms.

The Quizalize team stepped in to provide full-service learning experience design for the project from digitizing existing material to organizing learning pathways and performing user research. Data scientists adapted the knowledge-retrieval-practice framework, effectively gamifying the students’ experience of content mastery. Finally, the development team scaled the full features and benefits to a low-bandwidth, mobile-friendly application, ready for use anywhere.

The rebranded Oxford Revise website leverages a white-labeled version of Quizalize Learner, the first student-led learning experience from the makers of Quizalize. The seamless branding experience between app and printed textbook allows OUP to co-promote and cross-sell the two product lines to new users and through their existing school relationships. At launch, seven GCSE-level courses launched with plans to expand in the near future.

Thinking beyond the exam

As the 2020 coronavirus pandemic changed the global education landscape with students learning from home and exams largely cancelled for the foreseeable future, Oxford Revise serves another purpose. As a student-led experience, the app is ideal for learning from home and provides the tools that students need to build up and maintain the skills and knowledge for whatever comes next in their lives.

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