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quizalize for work

Quizalize for Work - All you need to know

Quizalize Classroom For Work takes our key product Quizalize — and the smart data engine behind it — and turns it into a powerful tool for corporate training and adult learning.

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quizalize and publishers

Quizalize for Publishers - All you need to know

My Quizalize is our fully customisable offering enabling your organisation the freedom to take our powerful engine and smart-data capabilities and make them yours by offering a completely learner-led and self-paced learning experience!

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quizalize insights

Quizalize for School - A quick overview

Learn more about Quizalize and Zzish Insights. An engaging quiz platform that provides teachers with crucial feedback on student performance, and Zzish Insights that collects all the data from Quizalize to produce real-time reports that provide school and district administrators with daily insight into the academic progress of every class and school.

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Welcome to Quizalize Classroom

Welcome to Quizalize! An easy-to-use and engaging quiz platform that lets you turn any quiz into an epic class game, and gives you the superpowers to personalise your teaching to every student.

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Getting started with Quizalize Classroom

It's super easy to get started with Quizalize Classroom. Teachers can assign their first quiz and get live results in minutes.

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Transform your district or organization with Zzish Insights

We aggregate student mastery data from the hundreds of standards-aligned formative and summative assessments, synthesizing data on any scale you need.

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Answer this quiz and find out if you are one of the 10% of businesses that can gamify their textbooks and open a new revenue stream.

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