June 2022

Make more money by digitising your learning content


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Daisy Hill

Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Zzish

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    June 2022
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Make more money by digitising your learning content: a solution designed just for publishers

Hi, I'm Daisy Hill, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Zzish.

We are a software company and work with teachers, schools, governments, publishers and big corporations all over the world to meet the needs of their learners. Our three products use data science to help partners deliver content in a way that engages learners, empowers teachers and improves results.

Our flagship product, Quizalize Classroom, is a gamified quiz platform that gives teachers the superpowers to personalise their teaching to every student. It houses over one million educational quizzes for K-12 learners and has been used by teachers to increase attainment levels of millions of students in over 170 countries. Quizalize Classroom is a proven mechanic for fostering academic growth and giving teachers the superpowers they deserve.

Remarkably, HR departments in leading corporations have also found Quizalize Classroom's unique features invaluable for training and retaining staff and our business is growing rapidly here too.

Most recently education publishers have come to us for help to extend their in-house publishing capabilities and deliver market leading digital experiences that complement their print portfolio.

The breadth of applications for Quizalize is vast - and impressive. But today I am here to show you how we work with publishers just like you.

Thank you for joining me today. Let's get stuck in!

The publishing landscape and challenges on the road to success

The last few years have been tough on many businesses around the world - and the publishing sector is no exception.

Following our attendance at both the London and Abu Dhabi Book Fairs, several problems the publishing industry is facing were raised.

I would like to share my top takeaways for a few moments, if you'd care to listen?

The global publishing industry is experiencing a decline in the demand and purchase of print

Markets around the world are seeing a decline in the volumes of books they are shifting, resulting in reduced revenue.

With the demand for printed materials decreasing, publishers are facing an uphill battle to sustain their profit margins.

The cost of print is increasing

Print costs around the world are increasing, prompting a reduction in both profit margins and the desire for some publishers to invest further in trying to block the hole of profit loss with more monetary investment.

Couple this with the decreasing demand for print, publishers are really having to think on their feet about how to offset both of these huge issues.

The print industry has a responsibility to address its impact on the climate

Climate change and the impact of the print industry on our planet is a tricky reconciliation.

As consumers shift their focus towards sustainable, eco-conscious consumption, it is important publishers are able to bridge the gap between what the consumers want - and what they are currently offering.

Global publishers must priorities digitisation

Digital publishing doesn't just present an opportunity to replace declining print profit, it presents a growth opportunity from new business models too. For example all-you-can-eat subscription models, pioneered by the video streaming industry, are taking hold in digital educational content too.

It is more important than ever for publishers to prioritise their digital offerings if they want to keep up with the evolving demands of modern audiences and grow their business.

With the global landscape leaning towards digital renderings of publishing content, the industry must lean into these demands in order to preserve market share and not miss out on reaching new, wider audiences.

And finally:

Reading at home is declining - publishers must accommodate the changing needs of families and children

Did you know only 23% of parents read daily with their children?

Publishers need to incentivise and engage this audience with their products more effectively, adopting digital and diverse methods to ensure they are reaching as many customers as possible.

We are proud to provide the publishing industry with a scalable solution to many of the issues they are currently facing.

And not just any solution.

By marrying our flagship product Quizalize with the needs of publishers, we are able to offer a solution unlike any other.

We work with publishers such as Oxford University Press to digitise - and monetise - their learning content, resulting in more customers AND more profit. Indeed, we apply our world class gamification and data technology to deliver market defining digital experiences that learners love.

Interested in how we can achieve this? Let me tell you about My Quizalize.

Digitise and monetise your learning content with My Quizalize

My Quizalize is a brand new self-paced learning app for learners of all ages. It is fully customisable, enabling partners to deliver a leading digital experience under their own brand and with their own course content.

What makes My Quizalize particularly special is its use of gamification and data science to make learning fun and keep knowledge fresh. Its unique features help learners master new knowledge quickly and push this knowledge into long term memory.

What does this mean for you you may ask?

Put simply: we can digitise your entire back-catalogue of educational content and render it in your very own market leading app that delights learners.

The result?

The ability to brand our powerful product into a member of YOUR product family.

A whitelabel extension of your own materials and products, but without the hassle and expense of building it yourself or outsourcing to an agency. Indeed, we’ve invested millions so that you don’t have to.

You benefit from a product that complements your print materials that can be cross-merchandised and sold to existing and new customers.

More people accessing your products = more opportunity to increase revenue.

My Quizalize is also a course-based offering, which we know is so important to publishers like you. We load all of your materials (down to the curriculum tags!) into the Quizalize platform for you and present you with a digitised version of your physical materials.

In combination with your own-branded experience, you have a learning environment that looks and feels exactly like you made it in-house.

And let's talk about gamification for a quick second!

The Quizalize platform was built on the premise that learning is more effective when it is fun and engaging. Your materials can be brought to life however you wish!

Scrambled letter answers for English lessons? No problem. Audio recordings for a Spanish listening exam? It's all possible with My Quizalize.

My Quizalize in action: Oxford University Press

You may recall me mentioning Oxford University Press a few minutes ago. I'm sure you are familiar with the Oxford University Press story, but just in case you are not:

Oxford University Press is the second oldest university press in the world - and they have published academic materials to the global market for over four centuries!

OUP decided they needed a digital transformation to meet the needs of twenty-first century learners.

They wanted to replicate the pedagogical science embedded within all their Oxford Revise publications while bringing a fresh, digital product to market that could not only help more students with their GCSE revision, but also increase their market share.

Cue MyQuizalize!

We digitised OUP's existing materials and produced a fully branded app for their students.

Without leaving the Oxford Revise ecosystem, the students now benefit from not just fun and engaging gamified learning, but also rich, smart-data insights into their personalised learning paths.

By digitising their existing print materials OUP were able to better serve their needs of their customers - their students - while protecting their revenue during these uncertain times.

My Quizalize was the vessel to take OUP to the next level.

And we are here to take you there too.

Final thoughts

I do hope you learnt something new with me today. It is my - and my company's - mission to promote education equity everywhere, whether that be by serving the teachers that use Quizalize Classroom around the world every day or by providing solutions such as My Quizalize to publishers such as yourself.

Our goal is to ensure every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential and we can only achieve this by working closely with our publisher partners. It is a delight to work with teachers, schools and educators every day and to support our partners in achieving this goal together.

I do hope you enjoyed hearing just a taster about My Quizalize and how we work with publishers to digitise and monetise their learning content.

I would love to show you Oxford Revise in action so you can see the full potential of this powerful app, so do drop me a line if you would like to find out more about My Quizalize and chat further!

Have a great rest of your day - and Happy Quizalizing!

Daisy Hill

Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Zzish
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