August 2022

A new way of training your workforce


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Daisy Hill

Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Zzish

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    August 2022
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    Human Resources

A new way of training your workforce: digital, engaging — fun!

I think we can all agree that corporate training has garnered a bad reputation over the years.

Have you ever had to work through dozens - or hundreds - of pages of print outs when starting a new job?

20 pages of fire safety procedures?

10 pages on the company sick leave policy?

What about ongoing training about your company's products, services and market offerings?

I know I can hear a resounding yes coming from you on all these points!

With constant development updates, new product releases and the need to keep employees up to date on a revolving door of business-critical information, it is easy to see how corporate training is oftentimes viewed as the boring little sister to the grown-up HR department.

But it doesn't have to be this way!

Here are my top three pieces of advice on how businesses can improve their corporate training:

1. Keep it quick and efficient:

Employees often report that having to fit in corporate training around their day-to-day job can be an impossible task.

New hire onboardings can take not just hours, but days, and ongoing trainings are often not even allocated dedicated time during the work day to complete.

It is easy to see how employees find the task impossible to prioritize!

By keeping corporate trainings quick and efficient you are respecting your employees' time, nurturing a culture of consideration and kindness.

From an employee point of view they are not overloaded with information, causing onboarding burnout.

On the employer side you are increasing business efficiency with employees hitting the ground running and fully equipped to conduct their work from the get go.

Quick and efficient learning is the key to effective corporate training!

2. Deliver little and often:

The little and often approach is ideal for those business-critical ongoing corporate trainings you need your employees to complete.

The 'little' component keeps the knowledge easily-digestible in bitesize form.

The 'often' side of things keeps knowledge fresh, ensuring employees are empowered by having the most up-to-date company knowledge available to them at all times.

You could say the little and often approach should be called the 'win-win' approach!

3. Make it fun and engaging

Employees work hard for your company and mission. They may even spend more time in the office with you and your team than they do with their families at home!

So keeping their attention, interest and energy engaged with your business is a top priority.

Training delivered on software that looks like it was built in the 1990's is a sure fire way to disengage your workforce. Couple this with sitting in a stuffy office for hours at a time and working through non-interactive materials, employees can quickly lose interest and faith in the trainings you have set them.

Fun and engaging corporate training is one way to ensure your employees are enjoying what they're learning, retaining the information more efficiently than by traditional, boring means, and are well-equipped to go out into the world and deliver your services, sell your products, and be ambassadors for your company culture.

What do you think of these three approaches to corporate training?

Sounds too good to be true perhaps?

Or maybe you are thinking 'but how do I implement these approaches in practice?'

Don't worry - I've got you covered!

We are proud to provide global businesses with a scalable solution to many of the issues they are currently facing.

And not just any solution.

By marrying our flagship product Quizalize with the needs of businesses like yours, we are able to offer a solution unlike any other.

We work with global corporations such as Paychex and Real Page to help them digitize their learning content, enabling the more effective and efficient training - and retaining - of employees.

Interested in how we can achieve this? Let me tell you about Quizalize for Work.

Digitize your learning content and train — and retain — your employees more effectively and efficiently

Quizalize for Work takes our key product Quizalize — and the smart data engine behind it — and turns it into a powerful tool for corporate training and adult learning.

Whether you are a telecoms giant, a multinational pharmaceuticals group, an internal HR department or a rapidly scaling technology venture, Quizalize for Work can revolutionize the way you invest in and develop human capital.

How does it work you may ask?

Let me break it down for you into three simple steps:

  1. We input your content such as recorded trainings, assessments and any additional resources you may use, ready for your employees to work through.
  2. Training leaders and managers assign the learning materials to their employees, and employees then work through their assigned materials live, or at their own pace
  3. Quizalize grades, analyses, and presents managers and leaders with an easy to digest visual representation of their employees' progress and performance.

Simple and effective! Our world class tech does the heavy lifting for you, meaning you can quickly and easily get set-up with Quizalize for Work.

Quick and seamless integration with our platform means your employees can benefit from more effective and dynamic company trainings sooner, making them the most informed and up to date with company policies and product information possible.

And managers can start seeing data on how their workforce are performing, diagnose any learning gaps immediately (before any damage is done!) and keep up to date with frequent assessments of their workforce.

And that's not all!

Quizalize maintains a protected and secure environment to upload your learning content into, keeping your assets and materials safe from external eyes.

Quizalize for Work is truly a full-service and secure product, becoming an integrated tool of your HR department and taking hours of manual effort from the process of training and upskilling your workforce.

Quizalize for Work in action: Paychex and Real Page

You may recall me mentioning Paychex and Real Page a few minutes ago. These are two global companies who currently use Quizalize for Work to take the strain out of training their workforce, while benefiting from retaining more employees in the process.

I'd like to tell you a bit more about these two companies that use Quizalize for Work, if you have a minute?

Paychex are an American provider of human resource, payroll, and benefits outsourcing services for small- to medium-sized businesses.

They currently use Quizalize for Work to facilitate corporate training with their 14,000 global employees!

But what made Paychex choose Quizalize in the first place?

They were looking for an internal solution for conducting assessments and tracking performance data for their services teams. They needed a platform that could align assessments to their proprietary syllabus.

Quizalize for Work was the perfect solution!

Paychex now has an all-in-one assessment and tracking solution that is used across their global offices. They streamlined their assessment process by incorporating interactive formative strategies, supporting employees in their professional development while providing valuable data to leaders.

And what's the lowdown on Real Page?

RealPage are the leading provider of property management software for the multifamily, commercial, single-family and vacation rental industries.

Their learning designers were looking to break evaluation out of their legacy bespoke learning management system.

By integrating Quizalize's out-of-the-box cohort analysis tools into their existing processes and procedures, RealPage learning designers introduced the best practices of formative assessment into all levels of their organization's professional talent development.

Quizalize for Work touches hundreds of RealPage employees across 49 current cutting-edge sales, support and property management system functions, including 14 instructors currently leading 320 learners through their professional development journey.

As you can see, Paychex and Real Page are two very different companies.

But they have in common what all businesses have in common: they have employees!

And they both need to effectively and efficiently train this workforce, on an ongoing basis.

And we are delighted to support them in doing just that.

Final thoughts

I do hope you learnt something new with me today. It is my - and my company's - mission to promote education equity everywhere, whether that be by serving the teachers that use Quizalize Classroom around the world every day or by providing learning solutions such as Quizalize for Work businesses like yours.

Our goal is to ensure every learner everywhere can achieve their full potential, supported by the most dynamic and effective learning environments possible.

And we truly believe that Quizalize for Work can help you support your workforce by providing the most effective and efficient learning platform on the market.

I do hope you enjoyed hearing just a taster about Quizalize for Work and how we work with companies just like you!

I would love to discuss your bespoke requirements with you and show you how we can leverage this powerful app to really revolutionize the way you conduct your company trainings!

So be sure to drop me a line if you would like to find out more and chat further.

Have a great rest of your day - and Happy Quizalizing!

Daisy Hill

Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Zzish
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